DLA Piper New Zealand has deep and broad experience in financial services, financial regulation and investment products. We provide comprehensive advice through a dedicated practice.

Our team has a great practical understanding of the regulatory environment in financial services. In addition, DLA Piper New Zealand has been acknowledged as a top legal adviser in funds and superannuation. We have been at the forefront of the managed funds industry for many years. DLA Piper New Zealand has also been involved in the establishment of the majority of New Zealand’s KiwiSaver retirement funds to date.

As well as providing expert advice, the firm has continued to influence the shape of New Zealand’s complex, competitive financial services sector via government and industry organisations.

In financial services regulation, the DLA Piper New Zealand team has been instrumental in advising a large group of leading clients on regulatory changes, compliance, systems, training, and implementation of the regulatory regime.  The firm has true depth of expertise in understanding the powers and approach of the regulator, the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), including a partner who has served as an executive member of the FMA.

DLA Piper New Zealand is advantaged in its global reach. The firm has insights into offshore financial regimes that are influencing the New Zealand environment. It is able to seamlessly advise – with depth of knowledge – on New Zealand requirements under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) for instance.

In funds and superannuation DLA Piper New Zealand advises retail and wholesale investment managers, platform portfolio service providers and trustee companies representing listed and non listed entities. We guide fund managers, onshore and offshore, through regulations, operations and compliance. We are commercially minded and often assist clients with the development and introduction of new products.

In Kiwisaver, compliance is increasingly complex. We assist clients in establishing KiwiSaver schemes, on-going fulfilment of regulatory requirements, innovative new product development and governance. We also provide counsel to private and government employment-based superannuation scheme.

DLA Piper New Zealand offers multi-disciplinary, pan-partnership advice for financial service clients. We can meet your needs in specialist financial services advice, employment law, litigation, taxation, governance, insurance, health and safety, competition law and much more.


TOWER; BT Funds Management; Dresdner Bank; ASB; Brook Asset Management; First New Zealand Capital; Tyndall Investment Management; Harbour Asset Management
For these and others, DLA Piper New Zealand acted on the establishment of the trust, or unit trust, or trusts (wholesale and retail).

JMIS Limited; Pathfinder Asset Management Limited; Perpetual Asset Management; Milton Asset Management; Plan B; PM Capital; Harbour Asset Management
For these and others, DLA Piper New Zealand acted on the establishment of retail PIEs.

UK Trust Offering
DLA Piper New Zealand acted on the first retail offering in New Zealand using the Great Britain (Collective Investment Schemes) exemption notice.

TOWER Global Responsibility Fund
DLA Piper New Zealand acted on the first retail ethical collective investment offering in New Zealand.

TOWER, Trustees Executors
DLA Piper New Zealand advised on new cash PIE funds for these and others.

Prudential; Public Trust
DLA Piper New Zealand advised on, drafted and established new products (wrap accounts and master trusts).

Tortis Ozzy Fund
DLA Piper New Zealand advised on this listed fund which tracks the top ASX listed companies.

ANZ Funds Management
DLA Piper New Zealand advised on the establishment of wholesale passive funding vehicles.

Citco Trustees (New Zealand) Limited
DLA Piper New Zealand undertook work for the largest fund administration manager in the world. We established and act for Citco Trustees (New Zealand) Limited, a New Zealand resident trustee and part of the Citco group, which provides trustee services for offshore settlors, beneficiaries and assets.

We have prepared a Guide To Doing Business In New Zealand to help those venturing into the market navigate their way through local legislation to identify and maximise the many opportunities that are available.