DLA Piper New Zealand is a leading New Zealand legal adviser in the superannuation and KiwiSaver sector. We provide comprehensive advice through our dedicated and specialist practice.

Our client base includes New Zealand’s largest and most significant superannuation and KiwiSaver fund providers and managers. We have been involved in the establishment of the majority of New Zealand’s KiwiSaver retirement fund schemes to date, and heavily involved in the advent of this voluntary retirement fund sector since its inception.

Alongside our clients, we continue to help influence and shape the development of the sector through government liaison and representation.

The superannuation and KiwiSaver environment is increasingly complex and competitive. DLA Piper New Zealand assists clients in managing the growing compliance and regulatory burden. We advise on innovative product development, with a commercial focus.

In the superannuation arena, DLA Piper New Zealand has been one of the very few specialist legal advisers dedicated to counselling private employment based superannuation schemes and superannuation schemes in the government sector. We have provided this specialist advice for more than 20 years, and understand the sector, its participants and its requirements in great depth. We have also been advising complying funds, which accord with KiwiSaver.

For both superannuation and KiwiSaver, DLA Piper New Zealand delivers a comprehensive compliance & governance service. We aim to proactively alert clients to compliance issues. We are expert at advising on disclosure and marketing document compliance.