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The year of PPAs and the corporate green agenda

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In a world where the corporate green agenda is increasingly integral to business strategy, particularly following the Paris climate change agreement, this paper explores the growing trend of large corporates using power purchase agreements (PPAs) to purchase renewable energy. 

Providing analysis on each of our global regions, the paper explores adoption trends and areas for growth - and details specific examples of renewable energy PPAs that DLA Piper has worked on.


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  • Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): What are they?
    22 JUN 2016

    A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract under which a business agrees to purchase electricity directly from an energy generator. This differs from the traditional approach of simply buying electricity from licensed electricity suppliers, often known as utility PPAs.

    Such structured agreements provide financial certainty for the utility companies and the developers, which removes a significant roadblock to financing and building new renewable facilities; PPAs are therefore helping to deliver more renewable energy on the grid.

    In a world where many countries have reduced or withdrawn subsidies for renewable energy, a Corporate PPA with a financially strong counterparty is an essential component for achieving a "bankable" project.

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