Ryan Leaderman focuses on obtaining and negotiating land use entitlements for complex land use planning and mixed-use developments and securing project approvals for all types of major developments in Southern California. 

He also represents clients in all aspects of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), including CEQA litigation. Ryan possesses extensive experience in guiding high-profile residential, commercial and mixed-use development projects through the approval process. Ryan's experience encompasses all types of land use permits, such as variances and conditional use permits, general plan and zoning amendments and interacts regularly with governmental agencies at all levels.  He assists developers in complying with CEQA and planning and zoning regulations throughout California − in particular, for mixed-used projects in the Downtown Los Angeles area.

Ryan and his land use team have successfully navigated projects to completion by balancing community concerns with the rights and needs of the client.  Ryan's involvement in a project typically begins with the more traditional aspects of development law. Projects are checked to ensure compliance with local general plans and zoning codes as well as any other relevant regulations such as hillside ordinances.  He assists with any variances, general plan amendments, zone changes, conditional use permits, subdivision maps or other entitlements or permits necessary to move a project forward. He advises with regard to any exaction or dedication requirements governments may impose.

Ryan also provides counsel to help protect the viability of projects that may face potential defeat via initiatives and referenda – so-called ballot-box zoning. He has years of experience in negotiating with community groups and local government entities to achieve constructive outcomes.

The CEQA process is usually the most daunting step of the California development process, often requiring the preparation of an environmental impact report (EIR) or mitigated negative declaration (MND) detailing the expected impacts of a project on the environment, and project opponents often litigate under CEQA to halt development. Ryan has extensive experience with the CEQA process. He has reviewed and supervised the preparation of many EIRs and possesses extensive experience in CEQA compliance and he provides counsel with regard to the air quality, noise and traffic issues that may confront clients and their projects. Additionally, Ryan has experience in dealing with water rights and supply issues, analyzing water rights issues and water supply sufficiency in order to aid the client in the development of the project. This often includes authoring supplementary water supply analyses for inclusion in EIRs.

Moreover, Ryan has deployed his wealth of land use knowledge to conduct numerous complicated land use due diligence analyses, some of which involve almost all of the subjects raised above.