Steve Levitsky is an antitrust and internal investigation lawyer with more than 30 years of experience advising general counsel and board members on:

  • Contested and litigated mergers (with second requests and complex econometric evidence)
  • Antitrust market-conduct questions like distribution, tying, bundling and pricing
  • Joint ventures, joint buying programs, trade associations and other competitor collaborations

Steve has led more than 500 merger clearances in 50 industries, including around 200 international transactions. His work has touched on industries including insurance, reinsurance, title insurance, financial services, oil, gas, LNG, LNG Terminals, pipeline, coal, electric generation, nuclear plants, electric transmission, manufacturing, telecom, technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, hospitals, motion pictures, recorded music, fine papers, commercial papers, cotton, mylar balloons, funeral planning services, skis, railroads, technology, recorded music, software, internet search engines, soft drinks and automobiles.