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Luc Bigel

Luc Bigel and Hamza Akli are both very good technicians, able to find practical, very pleasant and available solutions.
Legal 500 EMEA, 2022

Luc Bigel is a specialist in insurance and reinsurance laws, acting as advisor or litigator and in transactional matters.

Luc regularly advises insurance undertakings, reinsurers, banks, mutuals, intermediaries and large groups, French or foreign, on all their insurance (life and non-life), reinsurance and insurance distribution issues, both in terms of advice and litigation.

Luc has extensive expertise in regulatory law, assisting market players in all their issues arising from Solvency 2 regulations, compliance, cross-border insurance activities, AML-FT and relations and procedures with supervisory authorities in France (ACPR, ORIAS) or abroad.

As a litigator, he assists his clients in strategic litigation, in particular before the ACPR, but also before the judicial or arbitration courts in the areas of insurance, reinsurance or commercial distribution relationships.

On a transactional level, he regularly participates in restructuring operations of insurers or intermediaries (in particular mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs) and in issues related to portfolio transfers or run-off / legacy in France and abroad. Luc also has extensive experience in delegations, outsourcing, distribution protocols, policy writing (life and non-life), W&I insurance deals, coinsurance and reinsurance.

Luc has been teaching insurance and regulatory law for many years at Paris I Sorbonne and has been appointed to serve on the Editorial Board of LexisNexis UK, in particular for insurance and ESG issues.


  • Advising foreign insurers and reinsurers through licensing and portfolio transfer procedures with ACPR in France.
  • Assistance to mutual insurance companies in the context of a restructuring project leading to a merger.
  • Advising insurers in the context of setting up an EEIG.
  • Advising insurers in the drafting and review of insurance policies, in particular with regard to exclusion clauses in the event of pandemics and epidemics.
  • Advising insurers and intermediaries in setting-up national and cross-border insurance distribution schemes.
  • Assistance to intermediaries and insurers in the context of disciplinary and control procedures initiated by ACPR.
  • Assistance to insurers and pension funds in reorganizing their governance system and meeting their obligations with respect to outsourcing schemes.
  • Assistance to insurers and intermediaries in the review of the product surveillance and governance system (POG).
  • Assistance to insurers in insurtech-related issues and in particular in the implementation of policies dedicated to blockchain operations.
  • Assistance to an insurer in the context of strategic litigation that may give rise to a risk of serial litigation in the field of pecuniary loss insurance.


    • Legal 500 – Insurance – Tier 1 – 2023
    • Best Lawyers – Insurance Law – 2024
    • Gold medal awarded by the Legal & Business Forum for the article "Brexit in insurance: no wait and see for the French government" (published on Les Echos Executives).
    • Silver medal awarded by the Legal & Business Forum for the article "What insurance for tomorrow’s world?" (published on the Echos Executives)
    • Rising Star for “ Insurance & Reinsurance” at the IFLR
    • Silver Medal - Palmarès du Droit - Insurance Sector (Monde du droit and Association Française des Juristes en Entreprise).


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    • Article: "Anti-money laundering - the alarm of the ACPR", l'Argus de l'assurance, November 2018


    • Cocktails: « L'impact réglementaire des assurtech sur le marché de l'assurance », October 2019

    Prior Experience

    Prior to joining DLA Piper, Luc worked in an international law firm.

    Additional Information

    • Lecturer at the Professional Training School of the Paris Court of Appeal (EFB)
    • Luc was selected to serve on LexisNexis UK Consulting Editorial Board particularly for insurance & ESG matters.

    Memberships And Affiliations

    • International Association of Insurance Law (AIDA)
    • French Association of Risk Management and Insurance Professionals (AMRAE)
    • Union of Young Insurers and Reinsurers of France (UJARF)