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Robert Esposito

Robert Esposito


Dr. Esposito is a Patent Attorney with over 15 years of experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications for both small and large domestic and international clients. Dr. Esposito has extensive experience in various computer, electrical, and electromechanical technologies including: GPS systems, cellular networks, television technology, cryptography, semiconductor fabrication, industrial control systems, home appliances, autonomous vehicle control systems, and medical devices/software solutions.

Dr. Esposito was recently an adjunct Professor of Embedded Systems Design at Temple University College of Engineering, and is currently working on redeveloping the course to focus on machine learning applications in embedded systems.

Bar admissionsNew JerseyPennsylvania
  • J.D., Temple University
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Temple University


  • Presenter, "Advocating for Patent Clients: DLA Presents to the USPTO at the NYSE," United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Site Experience Education Program, July 2023



(Work, Philadelphia)