This global team helps organizations understand the legal and compliance risks arising from the creation and deployment of these emerging and disruptive technologies and assists businesses in their government affairs strategies. The group spans the globe, with particular depth in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the way we do business. Organizations within all industries are deploying a variety of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies – ranging from chatbots and NLP (natural language processing) to classifiers and intelligent robotics. These new systems allow organizations automate and optimize processes in almost every facet of their operations – including many that were previously the exclusive domain of human labor. But while AI brings many advantages, it also presents a wide range of legal challenges that cannot be overlooked – especially in areas such as regulatory compliance, liability risk, privacy, transparency and ethics.

Recognizing the revolutionary impacts of Artificial Intelligence on business and government policy, DLA Piper was among the first law firms in the world to establish a dedicated, formal Artificial Intelligence practice.

Our clients range from FDA breakthrough-designated AI device-makers to leading national security AI developers to some of the largest financial and consumer companies implementing AI into legacy systems. We work collaboratively with developers of new AI technologies and with established businesses looking to implement AI software. The team covers all legal aspects of the AI ecosystem, such as compliance with an ever-increasing array of global regulations specifically targeting AI; procuring and contracting for AI-enabled systems and services; IP strategies for AI and AI-device systems; big data, data management and cybersecurity; privacy laws and data protection; liability for operators and users of AI systems; and issues of ethics and transparency.

Combining our deep knowledge of AI with our leading sector experience, we are able to advise on sector specific matters such as:

  • AI in the life sciences sector – covering everything from diagnostics and drug discovery to smart medical devices
  • AI in the financial services sector – allowing smarter investment decisions and guarding against sophisticated attacks
  • AI in the insurance sector – with big data-driven risk pricing and enhanced fraud detection
  • AI in manufacturing and logistics - robotics, smart contracts and the Internet of Things.

Our broad range of business legal services helps companies grow and adjust to new strategic challenges and assists them throughout their business life cycle. We help startups get organized and funded and assist both growing and established technology companies in obtaining venture capital and other private financing, corporate and commercial partnerships (including research and development arrangements and strategic alliances to monetize data), intellectual property, patent applications and protection of AI solutions, procurement of AI-enabled systems and services; labor relations and the impact of AI on the workforce; as well as IPO and M&A exit strategies. Our government affairs professionals add value by covering all aspects of regulation and policies impacting AI, including federal funding opportunities and evolving legislation. The team features recognized thought leaders in AI law who collaborate with government agencies and industry associations to help shape emerging rules. Among the members of our team are lawyers who were recognized for leading work on legal issues in AI by the Library of Congress in 2019; Lord Tim Clement-Jones, former chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on AI in the UK; and the founding director of the US Senate’s Artificial Intelligence Caucus.

DLA Piper is well positioned to support all of your global business and legal needs – whether you are an entrepreneur, an investor or an established participant in the artificial intelligence ecosystem.