Mikołaj Strojnowski has vast experience in conducting legal disputes arising from business activity, in particular disputes related to the performance of various types of contracts. For over ten years he has been representing clients before common courts, the Supreme Court, and before national and international arbitration tribunals.

Mikołaj has represented clients in corporate disputes concerning various issues, such as post-transaction settlements, the validity of corporate resolutions, and the liability of the members of companies' governing bodies. He has handled a number of cross-border disputes, including cases connected with interim measures and the enforcement of the judgements of foreign courts and arbitration authorities.

He has extensive experience in infrastructure projects, including those based on public tenders, public-private partnerships and FIDIC contracts. He has represented many clients from the energy sector, in particular in proceedings relating to appeals against decisions of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. He also advises entities from the defence sector in the course of tenders organised by the Ministry of National Defence and handles court disputes arising therefrom.

Mikołaj also provides various types of out-of-court assistance to clients, eg preparing strategies for crisis situations, drafting contracts, and representing clients in negotiations.