Our team has market-leading experience supporting clients across the range of strategic, legal, financial and operational issues that arise.

Cross-border disputes, crises and reputation management

We represent clients on the most high-profile and sensitive disputes relating to environmental, social and human rights issues, including high-value arbitration and some of the most significant class-action litigation in the UK and USA in recent years. We advise on complaints to non-court based processes, including multiple OECD National Contact Points, membership organisation grievance mechanisms and other informal processes and support clients with the design of grievance mechanisms using novel approaches. We advise across the spectrum of dispute management issues, including dispute avoidance, handling the PR aspects, media and press inquiries and investigations, parliamentary and other government inquiries and dealing with NGO and other stakeholder activism, including at the international level.

Aligning human rights risk management with corporate strategy and risk appetite

We support clients to identify salient human rights risks and implement mitigation measures into governance structures and policy frameworks, due diligence and third party risk assessments as well as wider compliance and supply chain management programmes.

Regulatory and compliance advice

We advise clients on ever-increasing regulatory requirements across transparency and disclosure obligations, supply chain and wider compliance requirements, trade and procurement rules as well as criminal finance and sanctions-related requirements. We advise on human rights impact assessments and investigations at country, corporate and project level.

Integrating human rights into corporate, commercial and financing transactions

We advise clients on integrating human rights risk identification and management into transactional due diligence, risk mitigation and monitoring, KPIs and contractual frameworks. We advise on human rights impact assessments and investigations at country, corporate or project level.

Commercial contracts

We support clients to align commercial contracts with corporate purpose, sustainable sourcing strategies and overall risk appetite to identify and mitigate human rights risks and ensure leverage is used effectively and with a view to the legal and regulatory risk landscape.

Transaction due diligence

We work with clients to incorporate human rights into ESG due diligence in M&A and project financing transactions to anticipate salient risks, incorporate mitigants in transaction documentation and, ultimately, harness sustainable value.

Government affairs and policy advisory

We support clients with monitoring, analysing and reporting on Business and Human Rights legislative processes, developing advocacy strategies and/or campaigns, influencing the legislative agenda in the interest of a client’s position and conducting a strategic stakeholder analysis and mapping and coalition-building. We also advise governments on incorporation of international legal and “soft-law” standards into public and private regulation.