Fifth Annual DLA Piper Global Intellectual Property Symposium

17 OCT 2017
12:30 PM - 5:30 PM JST
Midland Square Office Tower, 5th Floor
4-7-1 Meieki, Nakamura Ward
Nagoya City, 450-6205

With great honor and pleasure, DLA Piper announced our Fifth Annual Global Intellectual Property Symposium. In this symposium, leading lawyers from the US and Europe discussed the latest developments in IP law.

  • How the US Supreme Court has been reorienting Patent Law: Interesting Times. After a long silent period, the US Supreme Court has recently taken up and issued major opinions that are reshaping the intellectual property landscape. We looked at the Supreme Court's recent cases and their impact on litigants as they pursue protection for their IP and protect themselves from other companies' patents, and what to expect from the Court in the near term.
  • Digital strategic asset management: Navigating the impact of emerging technologies and data optimization on the digital transformation of the enterprise. The Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging technologies like blockchain, machine learning, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are significantly altering how businesses operate as they transform their operations to compete in a world where everything and everyone is connected. We offered strategies for managing technology and data as core strategic assets while addressing the risks associated with digital transformation.
  • The antitrust/IP interface: a moving frontier. Over the last decade, EU competition law has increasingly interfered with the exercise and enforcement of intellectual property rights in both the life science and technology sectors. We offered a forward-looking overview that looks at potential risks and offers suggestions on avoiding them.
  • Navigating collaboration agreements and trade secret claims in the life sciences. The life sciences present special problems for collaboration agreements and the protection of a company's trade secrets. We offered practical, real-world tips for protecting your company's secrets and avoiding trade secret claims from your collaboration partners.
  • Panel discussion (in Japanese): Using open source software. Open source software can bestow significant technological benefits but may also involve significant legal risk in the business setting. Our panel, including as a guest speaker Mr. Masato Endo of Toyota Motor Corporation, a leading figure of promoting Open Souse Software in the automotive industry, discussed how to utilize OSS effectively and avoid its risks appropriately.
  • John Allcock, Global Co-Chair, Intellectual Property and Technology, DLA Piper (San Diego)
  • Dr. Bertold Bär-Bouyssière, Partner, Litigation & Regulatory, DLA Piper (Brussels)
  • Masato Endo, Assistant Manager, Connected Vehicle Group, Intellectual Property Division, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Shuzo Maruyama, Patent Litigation, Intellectual Property and Technology Group, DLA Piper (Chicago)
  • Richard Mulloy, Co-Chair, US Life Sciences Sector, Partner, Patent Litigation, Intellectual Property and Technology Group, DLA Piper (San Diego)
  • Takahiro Nonaka, Head of Litigation and Regulatory Group, DLA Piper (Tokyo)
  • Ferlillia Roberson, Counsel, Patent Litigation, Intellectual Property and Technology Group, DLA Piper (Chicago)
  • Vinny Sanchez, Global Co-Chair, Technology Transactions and Strategic Sourcing, DLA Piper (Los Angeles)
  • Hajime Shirasaka, Founder, Shirasaka & Patent Partners (Tokyo)
  • Lisa Tenorio-Kutzkey, Partner, Litigation & Regulatory, DLA Piper (San Francisco)

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