Cross-border disputes are ever more significant in international business. International arbitration has increasingly become the preferred method of resolving such disputes, offering the benefits of greater flexibility, confidentiality and crucially, prospects for enforcement, than national court based litigation. The right advice in relation to incorporating optimum international arbitration agreements in commercial deals can pay dividends not only in terms of ultimate success if a full-blown dispute arises, but also in allowing for the negotiation and settlement of disputes from the strongest possible position. Given the multitude of options in terms of arbitral institutions, seat and governing law, it is often not straightforward to make the right choices in an arbitration agreement and therefore getting tailored advice from experienced international arbitration lawyers all the way from the contract drafting stage to the resolution of any disputes can be critical.

International arbitration offers flexibility in procedures and rules of evidence; flexibility as to who will determine the dispute; a greater ease of enforcement worldwide under international conventions; and increased levels of confidentiality and neutrality.

Our leading international arbitration practice has lawyers located worldwide. Many of our lawyers are acknowledged as leaders in the field of international arbitration and serve on the institutions that administer international arbitration across the world such as the ICC International Court of Arbitration, the American Arbitration Association, the Singapore International Arbitration Association and the London Court of International Arbitration.

Our global team has vast experience in conducting international arbitration including acting as counsel or sitting as arbitrator under all the major institutional and procedural rules, including those of the AAA, CIETAC, DIAC, HKIAC, ICC, ICSID, LCIA, Milan Chamber of Commerce, SCC, SIAC and UNCITRAL. The global reach of our team leaves us especially well placed to put together teams that speak the 'right language' - not just literally, but also in the sense of understanding first hand the key business, political and cultural issues that may be in play. We deliberately do not adopt a 'fly-in/fly-out' model but pride ourselves on our ability to put together teams with both international arbitration experience and an understanding of applicable local laws and cultures.

We represent parties in international arbitrations arising in a broad range of industry sectors, including aviation, banking, construction, energy, insurance and reinsurance, international finance, international trade and investments, intellectual property, maritime, media and communications, technology and telecommunications.

We have extensive experience in handling arbitration disputes involving sovereign states, including claims brought under bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and multilateral investment treaties (MITs), such as the Energy Charter Treaty, involving the application of public international law as well as private law. In addition to our expertise in investment arbitration, we offer a range of dispute resolution and advisory services to government and corporate clients facing public international law issues. Our team of international law experts have advised states, multinational corporations and international organisations on issues such as boundary disputes, law of the sea, treaty negotiations, cross-border resource development, sanctions, and human rights law.

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