Why have we chosen to partner with LOD specifically?

LOD is recognised as a market leader in flexible lawyering. In partnering with them, not only do we have broader access to a large portfolio of high-quality lawyers, our interested alumni are able to undertake a wealth of opportunities through both DLA Piper and our clients and LOD and its clients.

Will I be working for DLA Piper or LOD?

You will be self-employed and contracted through LOD in that capacity for any relevant assignment - whether it be for DLA Piper or another LOD client directly.

If you are engaged on a DLA Piper matter or secondment, we ensure that you are on-boarded as a temporary member of the team, with all the team and knowledge support you need.

When will we hear about potential assignments?

Demand can be difficult to predict, however LOD will be able to provide guidance on expected workflows for your experience level and expertise. Once you officially become part of the flexible lawyer scheme, LOD will notify you of any relevant opportunities that come in. It's then it's up to you to decide whether you want to engage in that project. If you're interested and timelines work, you could find yourself starting within a few days.

What are the working patterns like?

There are a number of working avenues you can take which will either be specified by the client, or negotiated to suit your working style. This might be full time at a client, on site at DLA Piper, part time, or working from home. Every engagement is different and the more flexible you are on working patterns, the greater opportunities there will likely be.

What is the application process like?

We work closely with LOD to guide interested lawyers through the application process which generally involves an interview and technical test. Once you have been accepted to the pool, you will have a key point of contact within LOD's lawyer care team. At this point, you will have the opportunity to work on both DLA Piper matters and secondments, as well as other relevant LOD client assignments. There will also be a dedicated key contact at DLA Piper to support you if you are engaged on a matter with us.

What if I come across an issue during my assignment?

DLA Piper and LOD work together to ensure both client and lawyer are satisfied throughout the entirety of their new working relationship, with regular check-ins playing a key part in our process. Any issues that could potentially arise will be addressed and rectified immediately to ensure the journey is a fulfilling one, as it should be.