As a lawyer skilled in intellectual property law and personal data protection, with a practice law in Romania, Corina Bădiceanu has 10 years of professional experience (including the e-health field).

She has advised a number of well-known clients in the technology industry (e.g. DCS Fast Link, Roboself or Vveee Media), in various aspects related to the drafting of appropriate license agreements, securing intellectual property rights over the technology as well as compliance with personal data protection legal framework.

Her extended experience in the tech sector relates to setting up their software licensing contractual framework and securing intellectual property rights over the technology, license and re-seller agreements covering the legal regime of the machine learning data, reverse engineering and testing on software products, as well as software development framework services agreement.

Corina is also knowledgeable about media industry and the film production service agreements, particularly, having provided assistance to Icon Films, the leading service production company in Romania, in a series of projects carried out by this company in Romania.