Maria Cristescu is experienced in Employment law, providing day-to-day assistance to both international and local clients in various aspects pertaining to the employment relations, including negotiation and execution of individual employment agreements, drafting of internal regulations and other internal policies and procedures, as well as implementation of flexible work arrangements.

Also, she advises on complex dismissal procedures, termination of employment by mutual agreement or as a result of restructuring and labour disputes. Maria has acted for various clients, ranging from sportswear retail to textile companies, insurance, pharma and automotive leading players, as well as advised public authorities and European financial services companies.

She had already gained an extensive volunteering experience by participating in the Law School Students’ Association various events, related to the specific of this association`s structure, such as conferences, education fairs, internships where I have learned what being a member of a team means.

Maria placed 1st place in the Moot Court Competition on Commercial Law and was a semifinalist in the Essay Competition on "Abusive Clauses under the New Civil Code".