Oksana Nogina has 15 years of practical experience working in governmental structures. She advises both Russian and international companies on a wide range of issues, from taxation and budgeting to social security.

Oksana's taxation work covers legal regulation of the profits tax payment, that of the property tax payment, application of special tax regimes, indirect taxation, legal regulation of tax control and that of the imposition of liability on taxpayers.

Budgeting wise, Oksana deals with budgetary financing, among other things, in the form of subsidies and budgetary investments within the framework of investment projects, administration of a set-off and refund of budget tax and non-tax revenues, budgetary control and implementation of budget to the extent related to income and expense.

Oksana also focuses on the social security system and the activity of state non-budgetary funds (including the Pension Fund, the Social Security Fund, mandatory medical insurance funds), as well as with the legal regulation of the payment of insurance contributions by organisations and entrepreneurs, and the legal regulation of the procedure of financing social payments in the social security system.