Real News - Spring 2017

Real News

Real Estate Update


Welcome to the spring 2017 edition of Real News, our quarterly real estate publication. In this edition:

  • Rob Shaw, Nichola Donovan, Andy Gray and Tony Payne report on Drones and their use as a resource for real estate
  • Dean Peachey looks at the recent case of Vivienne Westwood Limited v Conduit Street Developments Limited which considered whether termination provisions contained within a side letter are unenforceable as a penalty
  • Rachel Chaplin walks us through the two stage tendering process
  • Kaptuiya Tembo reports on the position that we are left in now that the EMI case has settled
  • Marc Harvey gets to grips with Fallopia Japonica (Japanese Knotweed) and reports on a recent decision that serves as a warning to land owners