Employment Law in a Nutshell

8 NOV 2017
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM GMT
160 Aldersgate Street
United Kingdom
£489 plus VAT (Second delegate £350 plus VAT, third delegate £300 plus VAT)

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HR and Personnel Professionals, Operational and Line Managers, Employee Relations Advisors, Equality Advisors, in-house lawyers.


Employment law is a complex subject and all those with managerial responsibility must have a basic understanding of the law.

Employment contracts, discipline, sex, race, age and disability discrimination together with employee rights and health and safety responsibilities represent the core areas where the law affects the work of human resources professionals and line managers alike.

With so many changes in employment law, keeping in touch with these core areas of risk is now more important than ever.


  • Recruitment and Selection: Five golden rules; Defining the job role; Interviewing and selection
  • Contracts of Employment: Forming a contract; Defining the terms; Implied and Statutory Terms; Variation of contract; Claims for breach of contract
  • Disciplinary Procedures: ACAS Code of Practice; The purpose of disciplinary and appeals procedures; Procedures and the contract; Importance of following procedures; Statutory right to accompaniment; Importance of following every step in the procedure; Distinguishing between misconduct and gross misconduct; When to suspend and the suspension process
  • Grievance: What is a grievance?; How to deal with aggrieved employees; Constructive dismissal
  • Key Employment Changes: Tribunal fees; ACAS early consultation; Settlement agreements
  • Unfair Dismissal: Dismissal; Who qualifies?; Reason for dismissal; Special protection; Dismissal – five fair reasons
  • Performance and Absence: Capability; Misconduct and discipline; Types of disciplinary action; Sickness (short- and long-term); Managing poor performance; Dealing with difficult employees
  • Redundancy: Definition; Consultation; Individual and collective; Representation; Recent case law on the inclusion of ‘one establishment’ in redundancy definition; Notification on form HR1; Alternative employment
  • Sex and Race Discrimination: Who is covered?; Understanding discrimination law; Managing tribunal claims; Cases of discrimination and lessons to be learned
  • Disability and Stress: Definition of a ‘disabled person’; The duty to make work adjustments; Remedies; Stress-related claims
  • Equal Treatment Directive/Religion/Belief/Sexual Orientation/Age: Religion: Recent case law on the meaning of belief; Sexual orientation; Age; Impact of the Equality Act
  • Discriminatory Acts: Direct or indirect discrimination; Victimisation to Employers; Harassment and bullying; Employers liability; Remedies; Impact of the Equality Act
  • Stress Illnesses and Disability: Health and safety legislation; Common law; Management action; Stress; Constructive dismissal; Disability (Definition of a ‘disabled person’/The duty to make work adjustments)
  • Family Friendly Policies/Issues: Maternity rights; Paternity leave; Adoption leave; Carers leave; Adoption leave and statutory adoption pay; Right to return to work; Right to request flexible working; Shared parental leave; Surrogacy
  • Other issues: Part-time/fixed term; Equal pay; Whistleblowers; Agency workers