Scottish Government publishes consultation on model form of new private residential tenancy

Real Estate Update


The Scottish Government has published a consultation paper seeking views on secondary legislation and further policy to support the new private residential tenancy being introduced under the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016.

The consultation paper asks for views on:

  • the content of all prescribed notices to be used by tenants and landlords;
  • the content of the Scottish Government’s Recommended Model Tenancy (set out at pages 55-84 of the paper);
  • the option of serving documents electronically (if a tenant and landlord agree this as the preferred communication method); and
  • which terms should be ‘statutory terms’ (applicable to all private residential tenancies).

The closing date for responses is 26 December 2016, and the Scottish Government intends to issue a report on the responses in spring 2017.

The consultation paper states that the new form of private residential tenancy is expected to come into force in December 2017.