Pensions Round-Up: February 2017

Pensions Round-Up UK Series

Welcome to the latest edition of Pensions Round-Up which provides an overview of developments in pension legislation, case law and regulatory guidance.

In this edition we look at key developments from February 2017 including the following.

The Pensions Regulator: analysis of DB schemes with effective dates for valuations in the period 22 September 2013 to 21 September 2014.

Consultations: the publication of the DWP's Green Paper on security and sustainability in DB schemes; and the Treasury's response to its consultation about amending the definition of financial advice.

Legislation: the response to consultation and draft regulations about the pensions advice allowance; and the announcement of the date for publication of the Finance Bill 2017.

Automatic enrolment: regulations to update the exceptions to the automatic enrolment duties in light of the introduction of new tax protections in 2016; the Regulator's latest bulletin about compliance and enforcement activity; the publication of initial questions to inform the 2017 review of automatic enrolment; and a consultation about technical changes to the legislation for certain new employers.

Case law: a case concerning a claim by the unmarried cohabiting partner of a member of a public service pension scheme that she should be entitled to receive a survivor's pension.

HMRC: the publication of the latest pension schemes newsletter and the latest Countdown Bulletin in relation to the end of contracting-out.

On the Horizon: a timeline of some of the key future developments in pensions to help employers and trustees plan ahead.

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