Pensions Ombudsman round-up: March 2017

Pensions Alert (UK)

Welcome to the latest edition of DLA Piper's Pensions Ombudsman Round-Up newsletter in which we report on some recent determinations made by the Pensions Ombudsman and Deputy Pensions Ombudsman, and provide statistics on the outcomes of complaints and the range of awards made for distress and inconvenience.

The issues considered by cases covered in this edition of Pensions Ombudsman Round-Up include the following.

  • A case in which the member complained that he was being provided with a lower level of benefits than previously quoted to him. The scheme said that the benefits had been overstated but the member argued that the quote could reflect that an augmentation had been granted
  • Two cases where benefits had been overstated but the PO concluded that the Applicants should have realised that the information provided was incorrect
  • Two cases concerning refusals to pay ill-health benefits which demonstrate issues that can arise when considering future treatment options
  • Complaints about a trustee's decision to change the late retirement factor and to apply the new factor for the whole of the period after age 60 rather than only from the date the change was made
  • A complaint that there had been delays in the implementation of a pension sharing order and that the amount of the CETV had fallen