Whatever your requirements in infrastructure, construction or transport, you need experienced advisors with deep knowledge of your markets and the challenges that you face, both locally and internationally.

Economies and individuals depend on infrastructure and transport that are properly funded, professionally delivered and expertly operated. Although these goals present complex challenges in tightly regulated and highly visible public environments, successful infrastructure shapes communities and bring significant economic and societal benefits.

This complexity is why so many leading organizations rely on us. Our experience and international reach set us apart. Our sector focused lawyers based all over the world understand your business, and we can help you manage risks and achieve success.

Every asset and investment is unique and our clients measure success in different ways.

Our focus is based on a simple premise: helping you to achieve your goals, wherever you are and whenever you need us. We become a part of your team, helping you to fund, build, operate, buy and sell essential assets and deliver successful projects, transactions and initiatives.

Our clients include investors, lenders, contractors, operators, governments, regulators and non-profit organizations. We advise on all aspects of the sector, including regulations, M&A, financing, projects, intellectual property, commercial agreements, political environment, construction, disputes, restructurings, investigations and tax. Client satisfaction is our key measure of success and we are very proud of the projects and transactions that we have delivered shoulder to shoulder with our clients.

Our multi-disciplinary teams guide clients throughout the full infrastructure lifecycle. In the early stages, we advise on consenting and land assembly. We also represent promoters, funders, contractors and other partners in the delivery phase, including on novel funding and procurement structures. We are solution focused and deliver with our clients through a proactive approach based on deep industry knowledge. In the operational phase, we support on refinancing, regulatory issues and managing operational and maintenance solutions . We also advise all types of M&A transactions, as well as on decommissioning and life extension.

If problems, distress or disputes arise at any point in the lifecycle of an asset, our lawyers are ready to assist. We pride ourselves on our pragmatic and commercial delivery approach and the experience that we can draw upon to deliver bespoke solutions to a wide range of sector issues with our 360 degree international perspective.

Our approach has resulted in numerous awards, and our practices and people are ranked highly around the world, including:

  • Ranked #1 legal adviser for global infrastructure by deal volume – Inspiratia, Q1-Q3 2021
  • Ranked #1 Middle East and Africa legal adviser by deal count - Inframation League Table, Q1 2021
  • Ranked #1 Europe Social Infrastructure legal adviser by deal count - Inframation League Table, Q1 2021
  • Ranked Band 1, TMT: Global-wide - Chambers Global, 2021
  • Ranked Band 1, TMT: Information Technology: Europe-wide - Chambers Europe, 2021
  • Ranked Band 1: Technology, Media, Telecoms (TMT): Asia-Pacific Region - Chambers Asia Pacific, 2022
  • Infrastructure Law Firm of the Year – Legalcommunity Energy Awards 2021
  • European Digital Infrastructure Project of the Year - IJGlobal Awards, 2020
  • European Transport Project of the Year – IJGlobal Awards, 2020
  • Energy & Infrastructure Team of the Year – Middle East Legal Awards 2020

Global Leaders

Focus areas

  • Digital Infrastructure

    Innovation brings disruption as well as opportunity. We understand the impact of new and emerging technologies and we can help you benefit from the changes in how infrastructure and transport assets are funded, delivered and operated.

    We see the prevalence of technology in our physical spaces and the ways we move around them, in the digital world, and in the delivery of infrastructure and public assets and services. Our Digital Infrastructure practice combines our infrastructure expertise with a full range of technology, telecoms and data experiences - from 5G connectivity and the internet of things to electric vehicles, drones and autonomous vehicles. This means that our Digital Infrastructure team has the experience and know-how to help you succeed.

    Acting for corporates, funds, technology specialists, banks and other lenders, our team has adopted an award-winning approach that can help you apply innovation wherever and whenever opportunity arises, including:

    • 5G impacts and ultrafast fiber to the home
    • network management and outsourcing
    • smart metering
    • smart vehicles
    • telecoms
    • data centres
    • multijurisdictional regulatory issues covering data
    • replicating physical assets through digital twinning
    • applying AI to smart energy grids
    • submarine cable investments
    • payment systems and smart ticketing
    • smart cities

    We partner with clients at every stage of the digital infrastructure lifecycle, and recognize that success looks different for each situation.

    Get in touch to find out how we can help you succeed.

  • Infrastructure Funds

    Providing, owning and operating essential infrastructure is undoubtedly a complex endeavor that requires all stakeholders to deliver successfully on their ongoing responsibilities, be they to investors, lenders, contractors, governments or society more broadly, on a long-term, sustainable basis.

    As custodians of critical infrastructure, we know that infrastructure funds need advisors who understand this complexity and the unique responsibility matrix that you operate in. Our depth of industry knowledge in this area, dedicated international infrastructure funds practice and understanding of the critical balance at play in infrastructure delivery models and transactions, means we can work with you to deliver ongoing and sustained success when delivering, owning or operating infrastructure assets.

    We help you build investor confidence, mitigate risk, finance projects, buy and sell assets and act as good custodians of infrastructure assets. We understand the need to combine achieving the right financial returns with acting responsibly to deliver benefits to society in line with ESG drivers which are of particular importance in the infrastructure sector.

    We provide pragmatic and commercial legal advice in the right place at the right time. We can operate dynamically alongside our fund clients as investment trends and requirements develop or evolve. We help you achieve value and manage both financial and reputational risks, whatever the scope of the asset, project or transaction and wherever in the world the asset is located.

    Our work includes:

    • consortium arrangements
    • M&A processes
    • acquisition finance, project finance and refinancing
    • antitrust and regulatory clearances
    • ongoing regulatory obligations
    • structuring investments in a tax efficient way
    • construction contracts
    • asset management support, particularly operational matters and disputes
    • restructuring and insolvency
    • strategic advice
    • InfraTech

    Our full life-cycle and 360 degree approach to infrastructure assets means that we can assist with all of the challenges and opportunities presented by the global infrastructure investment market.

    In a world where significant amounts of debt and equity are chasing too few high-quality assets, we constantly scan the horizon for the best assets for tomorrow (advising on future risks and opportunities globally) and use our industry knowledge to assist with ongoing portfolio returns and maximization of investor confidence.

    Get in touch to find out how we can help you succeed.

  • Aviation

    Aviation is a sector where change is constant and new issues regularly arise - frequently on an urgent basis.

    Whichever part of the sector you operate in, you need advisors who understand your business, know the market inside out and are available whenever and wherever you need them.

    Our clients get all this and more from a global aviation team that works seamlessly across borders on all aviation matters, including litigation, regulatory, post-accident liabilities and M&A/ transactional.

    Many aviation stakeholders are siloed from other elements of the market. We aren't, so no matter what challenge you face, the chances are that we've seen it before and delivered a solution.

    Our award-winning, full-sector service is unrivalled. We act for all industry stakeholders, including:

    • airlines
    • insurers
    • airports
    • maintenance, repair and overhaul organizations
    • ground handlers
    • service providers
    • product manufacturers
    • helicopter operators
    • industrial aid operators
    • leasing companies
    • charterers
    • banks

    Get in touch to find out how we can help you succeed.

  • Ports and Shipping

    With the shifting landscape of globalization and innovation, port and shipping operations have increased in complexity and scale. Our experienced team in the ports and shipping sector spans a range of legal disciplines, and is well-equipped to help you navigate your way through the industry and meet your needs.

    We represent a full range of stakeholders in the sector, including port owners and operators, port authorities, shipping groups, shipowners and charterers, shipbuilders, lenders and financial investors. We also have extensive experience handling shipping-related disputes before courts and arbitration panels worldwide, such as disputes involving contamination, shortage and delay, charter party claims, shipbuilding and repair disputes and salvage and collision claims.

    We provide advice in every aspect of the maritime industry, including:

    • port concessions
    • port projects, including financing, development and construction
    • M&A / joint ventures
    • vessel construction
    • transfers and registration
    • charter parties
    • contracts of affreightment and bills of lading
    • offshore installations
    • towage, pilotage and salvage
    • marine regulatory advice
    • marine casualties and insurance
    • maritime attachments, vessel arrests and liens

    Our ports and shipping practice combines experience in every aspect of the maritime industry with our full range of services globally in transactional matters, ranging from M&A deals and joint ventures to consortium bidding, project developments, and significant financings involving maritime-related equipment and assets.

    Through our global network, we are able to combine international reach and industry expertise with vital local knowledge. We can draw on these resources to advise our clients on the full range of issues in the sector so that they can achieve their objectives.

    Get in touch to find out how we can help you succeed.

  • Road and Rail

    Whether in relation to high speed rail, conventional rail, mass transit or other passenger transportation and infrastructure, road or rail cargo, roads, highways, bridges or tunnels, or any other part of ground transport and its infrastructure, you need advisors with deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of transport systems and the drivers behind their delivery, management and regulation.

    We offer extensive experience and capability in both road and rail, with lawyers who live and breathe these sectors. We work with all types of industry stakeholders worldwide, giving us deep insight into the inner workings of the entire value chain.

    We apply this global best practice and commercial knowledge to offer you the right support at the precise time you need it.

    This can mean helping you complete high-profile road or rail projects on time in safe and sustainable ways, avoiding commercial risks and achieving strong financial returns, or capitalizing on market opportunities through organic growth or M&A, whilst managing legal risk including procurement challenge and regulatory risk. Examples of our work include:

    • franchising, concessions and operating agreements
    • decarbonization strategy
    • manufacture, maintenance and financing of rolling stock: we advise manufacturers, owners, operators and funders
    • major infrastructure engineering: rail and highway infrastructure, including bridges, tunnels, depots, digital rail and smart motorways
    • regulatory compliance
    • EU rail liberalization
    • InfraTech for smart cities
    • transport integration (including mobility as a service)

    Our lawyers work closely with governments and state bodies, public and private operators, consortia, equipment manufacturers, and cross-border freight and logistics operators.

    We also advise funders and investors, building and construction firms, civil engineers, contractors, and other companies in the supply chain.

    Get in touch to find out how we can help you succeed.

  • Public Sector and Social Infrastructure

    Advising a diverse global community in public and social infrastructure requires commercial agility and judgment combined with political intuition, reputational sensitivity, and a passion to help delivery in these vital areas.

    When the delivery of new projects and provision of public services is critical, clients look to us.

    Drawing on global skills and industry best practice from multiple disciplines, we work with governments, states, legislators and administrators, commercial bidders, delivery partners, investors and funders, contractors, and nonprofit organizations. We focus on the detail without losing sight of the bigger picture of public needs and private sector cooperation.

    We can help at every stage of the lifecycle of a public / social asset, dealing with the issues and challenges that matter most, ensuring you achieve your goals on time and to budget, including:

    • group tendering
    • IT procurement
    • PPP
    • large infrastructure projects
    • construction contracts
    • regulatory compliance
    • M&A
    • managing public assets and infrastructure
    • defense

    We advise government bodies on strategy in the early stages, design smarter procurement and tendering, negotiate contracts, manage risk and help deliver value for money. We also draw on this experience to advise the private sector on how best to deal with public bodies to cooperate together and achieve mutual objectives.

  • Construction

    Working at all levels of the construction industry, we understand the challenges, risks and opportunities facing you in a complex sector that is crucial to infrastructure in both the developed and developing world.

    Our job is to help you manage risk and balance quality with speed on projects of all shapes and sizes; from commercial office projects to complex infrastructure engineering projects like process plants and refineries.

    With deep experience gained from numerous construction projects around the world, and over many decades, our lawyers advise developers, multinationals, main contractors, specialists, consultants and governments on how they can take projects forward successfully and deliver infrastructure and assets in the most efficient way.

    Importantly, our teams will also provide a fast response to support you if your project is not running smoothly or if you run into any problems and disputes that need resolution.

    Projects we have advised on include:
    • energy
    • oil and gas
    • water plants and waste treatment
    • renewables bridge building
    • commercial

    We partner with our clients at every step of a project. This includes working with a client team on the financial models that work best and seeing a project through from the planning stage, procurement, negotiation of contracts and project support through to completion of construction.

    We regularly advise on project strategy before issues on projects turn into serious problems, and so help you avoid formal disputes. We believe that where a project becomes "distressed" we can help save you significant costs by being engaged early and working with the project teams to mitigate risks and maximize recoveries. If commercial resolution isn't possible, we’ll help you to develop the best position and strategy to resolve the dispute.

    Success looks different for each of our clients. Get in touch to find out how we can help you succeed.