Global experience in designing and implementing efficient, cost-effective and demand-driven business models with a dynamic supply chain

Transform your business

The traditional business model is under increasing pressure. In a world with growing regulatory burden, increased competition, market uncertainty and change of consumer behavior, costs are harder to control. As a result, linear supply chains often no longer adequately address customer demands. Companies need to seize the opportunities that technology creates and reinvent their supply chains. If devised properly, an efficient supply chain structure can provide a competitive advantage.

Companies can unlock value through optimization of their global business and supply chain operations by streamlining their legal structure and aligning it with their business strategy, harmonizing their tax profile with their operating model, increasing control and transparency, and improving compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. As a firm that closes more M&A transactions each year than anyone else, we know how critical an efficient and dynamic supply chain is in maximizing the benefits of an acquisition or divestment. 

Unlocking benefits

The potential savings through a redesign can be immense, including reductions in statutory accounts, streamlining of operational functions, and reductions in tax and legal compliance costs. We support the integration process from the planning to the execution stage, and we help identify the most appropriate business model through which to optimize and execute the overall global supply chain.

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