Development and regeneration

Getting an application right from the outset is critical to securing legally robust planning permission quickly and effectively. Our involvement therefore begins at the drafting stage; undertaking legal audits and reviews of key documentation, including environmental statements, appropriate assessments, planning statements and design and access statements.1While the aim is to secure permission from the local planning authority, we ensure that your application is appeal - ready from the outset. Not only does this maximize the prospects of securing permission in the first place, but it also gives you the comfort of knowing that your proposals are capable of withstanding appeal scrutiny if necessary. 

Once the application is submitted we work with your planning consultants to successfully navigate the decision-making process. We also draft and negotiate any planning obligations and infrastructure agreements that may be required.  

While our focus is always on avoiding an appeal, we are experienced in appeals and our team of solicitors and barristers is able to advise on all aspects of the process. We regularly provide advocacy services, but we are equally comfortable working with outside counsel if that is our client's preference.  

Energy and infrastructure

Our energy and infrastructure clients rely on us to advise them on the most effective, efficient, and sometimes novel, means of securing consent. We can assist in evaluating the merits and applicability of the different regimes, negotiating side agreements and analysing the political and policy spectrum within which the project must be delivered. E2

Having identified the best regime for the project, we work with our clients to deliver a robust application that will secure consent quickly and efficiently. This involves us working closely with your design team to ensure that the justification for the project is sound and that the environmental assessments and other supporting material are legally robust. 

Once an application has been made, we work closely with our clients and their teams to ensure that the process is as efficient and effective as possible. Where hearings are involved, we have solicitors and barristers within our team who can appear but we are equally happy working with outside counsel if that is our client's preference. 

Compulsory purchase and compensationE2

We have promoted some of the largest and most complicated compulsory purchase orders in the UK; acting on behalf of acquiring authorities as well as the developers and funders who often sit behind them.  

Our experienced team offers a cradle-to-grave service, advising on the case for and making of the order, negotiating with landowners and objectors, securing confirmation of the order and implementing it. We also advise on compensation claims and have significant experience of Tribunal proceedings, blight notices, advance payments and other key areas of dispute. 


We are pleased to say that very few consents that we have advised on are challenged in the courts and none have ever been successfully challenged; nonetheless, we are experienced in handling planning litigation. Our experienced team of solicitors and barristers have experience of all UK courts; from the Scottish Court of Sessions and the High Court of England and Wales through to the UK Supreme Court, where we have been involved with some of the leading planning related cases of recent years.  

We have worked with many leading planning QCs to ensure that our client's objectives are achieved, whether that is defending a consent or challenging a decision that is adverse to their interests.