Life Sciences Spotlight - Asia Pacific

Issue 7, 2016

Life Sciences Spotlight


Welcome to the seventh issue of Life Sciences Spotlight. In this issue, we explore a variety of topics and recent developments that are relevant to businesses operating in the life sciences sector in the Asia Pacific region and globally.

In this issue:

  • The patentability of diagnostic methods in Australia – the Australian sequel to Sequenom, Myriad and Mayo 
  • The patentability of a pharmaceutical composition comprising an interfering RNA 
  • Competition law scrutiny of patent settlements – a new focus in Australia? 
  • Have you disclosed your best method (mode)? 
  • Patent licence agreements: Do you have standing to sue? 
  • Update on the revised exposure draft of the Pharmacy Industry Award 
  • New Zealand Employment Standards Legislation Act 2016 
  • Now arriving – class action lawsuits In Thailand 
  • Trends and developments in cybersecurity and data protection: FDA issues cybersecurity draft guidance for medical devices

In this issue