Aiscension is a cartel risk-management service that uses AI to help detect risks in your business. It combines Reveal's best-in-class AI tools with DLA Piper’s renowned legal knowhow to audit parts of your business.

It's faster, more effective and better value than existing technology-assisted reviews, speeding up the documentation review process to ensure your business is in the best position to spot potential issues and deal with them appropriately.

Leveraging the power of cutting-edge AI, your business can significantly reduce the time spent on compliance reviews, freeing up resources to be deployed elsewhere.

Aiscension helps you to:

  • Identify cartel risks within your business before they become regulatory investigations
  • Maximise the chances of securing regulator leniency or immunity
  • Minimise disruption to your core operations in a cost-effective manner

What type of technology does Aiscension use?

The service is powered by innovative technology from Reveal. The platform combines established document-review techniques augmented by Reveal's industry-leading legal AI for document review and the combined learning, training and dataset collated by DLA Piper.

The platform used to perform the review (and to train the AI) is Reveal AI. This uses the most sophisticated neural-net AI technology on the legal market to review documents and unstructured data, and was created and founded by Dr. Dan Roth; winner of the 2017 John McCarthy Award by the International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence Organization (IJCAI).

Who are Reveal?

Reveal are our collaborating partner in the creation and running of the Aiscension service. Reveal is a global provider of e-discovery, risk and compliance software. Reveal's global headquarters are in Chicago and its EMEA headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. Its Reveal AI e-discovery platform is powered by the most advanced AI in the legal market.

How is Aiscension different from other AI tools?

Aiscension uses neural-net AI to learn, develop and remember based on the training we've provided in its development. It continues to learn and grow each time it's used. It is also a complex and well-structured form of AI with in-built features that use the latest technologies, such as natural-language processing and sentiment analysis, to review and mine data. This allows for trends to be detected that humans may have missed.

The AI is different from other products that use technology-assisted review or predictive coding, because it retains the learning from every case where it is deployed and the AI continues to learn, getting better with every application. Reveal AI models use over 60 auto-calibrating AI features to determine which signals are most important to uncover the problematic behaviour being looked for.