Blockchain: practical implications of a revolutionary technology for financial markets and beyond

11 APR 2016
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM (UTC-06:00)

Blockchain technology, initially introduced to enable Bitcoin transactions, is a distributed database that protects against tampering by containing every transaction ever executed in a digital currency. It swiftly inspired the creation of numerous other distributed databases serving the financial industry and beyond.

How is this shifting dynamic affecting the financial landscape, and what should you know about the legal challenges surrounding it? DLA Piper, the Digital Chamber of Commerce, and industry experts cover these topics:

  • The blockchain rebellion
  • New blockchain developments in the US and Europe
  • Legal challenges, smart contracts, regulators’ views
  • Consumer protection
  • Tax issues around blockchain

Nicolette Kost de Sevres, DLA Piper, Washington, DC
Chris Beaudro, DLA Piper, Palo Alto
Perianne Boring, President and Founder, Digital Chamber of Commerce
Hossein Kakavand, CEO, Luther Systems, London, UK