Digital Focus Sessions: Harnessing technology to achieve climate change goals

DLA Piper @COP26

8 November 2021
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM GMT

webinar recording

We are delighted invite you to our digital focus sessions in conjunction with Global Digital Finance (GDF), R3, One Cycle Group and Aether Diamonds.

We are bringing together three sessions for an exciting 1.5 hour journey across connected themes to explore using digital and technology solutions – connecting physical assets and finance through the value chain, to achieve climate change goals.

Session 1 – 12:30pm - 12:45pm

FinTech industry overview: fireside chat between Bryony Widdup, Partner at DLA Piper and GDF Executive Co-Chair Lawrence Wintermeyer looking at the role of the FinTech industry in achieving decarbonisation and climate change goals.

Session 2 – 12:45pm - 1:30pm

Asset tokenisation panel: group discussion hosted by Martin Bartlam, Partner at DLA Piper, looking at applying asset tokenisation technology to achieve climate change goals. We will look at some case studies and consider how tokenisation might be used to overcome challenges in green and sustainability-linked finance and climate-related investment projects. It is difficult to connect real-world evidence of benefit as the result of funding and investments to transparent, accessible, and authentic data. Tokenization is flexible, adaptable and automated. It is ideally suited to delivering on monitoring, reporting and verification (MPV) aspects of climate-related projects and with other use cases on the horizon, we will explore the vast potential for tokenisation as a solution for decarbonisation goals.

Details of all external panellists are as follows:

  • Anastasia Kinsky, Head of Programmes & Content, GDF
  • Sharif Hendawi, CEO, One Cycle Group
  • Leslie Conner Warren, Global Public Policy Manager, R3

Session 3 – 1:30pm - 2pm

Diamond industry interview: Bryony Widdup will be joined by Bob Hagemann and Ryan Shearman, co-founders of Aether Diamonds who specialise in producing positive-impact diamonds, transforming CO2 emissions into one of the world’s most expensive commodities. We will explore this transformative technology not only in the physical sense, but economic as well – what happens when waste becomes one of the most valuable materials on the planet? As well as giving an introduction to their business, Bob and Ryan will answer questions around their carbon-negative strategy.

We look forward to welcoming you to what will be a very interesting afternoon of discussions.