TechLaw Podcast: Disruption in Outsourcing - The impact of AI & RPA

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Traditionally, increasing business output has required using more manpower, but new technological developments suggest this may not always be the case. RPA (robotic process automation) combined with AI (artificial intelligence) has the ability to execute jobs with little or no human input. Although there are many benefits, this development raises significant issues for outsourcing. This podcast episode delves into the wider RPA industry,  new legal challenges and ways to drive effective collaboration when outsourcing this new technology.

The host, Kit Burden, is a partner and Global Co-Chair in the Technology sector at DLA Piper. His extensive experience encompasses outsourcing of complex technology transactions, advising both users and suppliers of IT, as well as outsourcing services  in relation to all aspects of the procurement process.

Joining Kit is Andrew Burgess, a strategic advisor on AI and RPA. Andrew has worked as an advisor to C-level executives in technology and sourcing within the last 20 years. He is considered a leading expert in the legal transformation market and is a co-author of The rise of legal services outsourcing, in collaboration with the London School of Economics.

This podcast focuses on:

Transformation of products and services

Automation and AI bring a host of benefits, among them, enabling the capture and transformation of unstructured data and turning it into structured information, but what impact will this transformation have on outsourcing?

Outsourcing challenges

The speakers discuss issues in outsourcing this new technology, as well as  the impact it may have on businesses.

Effective collaborations
Kit and Andrew explore the need for collaborative ecosystems, such as the “collaborate rather than contract or compete” approach in AI and RPA-led innovations.

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