TechLaw Podcast: The disruptive impact of AI and automation technologies

TechLaw Podcast

AI (artificial intelligence) and automation technologies are becoming more prevalent in businesses around the world. This technology affects not only business operations but also workers themselves, and the work they do. What will the future look like as this trend continues? This podcast addresses the impact that AI and automation technologies are having but, more importantly, it explores what the future may bring.

The podcast host, Kit Burden, is a partner and Global Co-Chair in the Technology Sector at DLA Piper. His extensive experience encompasses outsourcing of complex technology transactions, advising both users and suppliers of IT, as well as outsourcing services in relation to all aspects of the procurement process.

He is joined by Ashish Gupta, Corporate Vice President - ITO and Infrastructure Service Sales EMEA at HCL Technologies. At HCL, his career has been focussed on starting new businesses propositions and making these successful across India, the US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Ashish is widely respected as one of the more disruptive voices in the IT outsourcing and cloud space.

The podcast focuses on:

Setting the wider technology industry context
Many industries are undergoing significant changes, but how will wider industrial ecosystems evolve where emerging technologies are the key drivers?

Sourcing and contract challenges
While AI and automation are set to deliver smarter, faster, cheaper and more personalized products than ever before, Kit and Ashish shed light on a number of issues that need to be considered with the spread of this technology.

The future macro-political and economic environment
What does the future look like and what impact will Brexit have on offerings across the UK, EU and wider markets?

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