Brexit: The Implications for the Life Sciences Sector


DLA Piper is pleased to launch Brexit: The Implications for the Life Sciences Sector, an interactive guide designed to help companies in the sector navigate Brexit.

Following months of uncertainty, on 11 April 2019, it was announced that Brexit will be delayed until 31 October 2019. However a hard Brexit is still possible, and the UK could still exit the EU at an earlier date under the following two scenarios:

  • If the UK decides not to hold European Parliamentary elections without having first ratified the Withdrawal Agreement, then the UK will leave the EU on 1 June 2019 without a deal.
  • If the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified by the UK and the EU before 31 October 2019, the UK will withdraw from the EU on the first day of the following month.

The impact for the life sciences sector is complex, and this detailed interactive resource provides an overview of key changes to laws that apply to the life sciences industry. As well as addressing a range of topics, including medicines, medical devices, clinical trials, batch testing, manufacturing and supply, this guide also provides a detailed timeline of events over the last 3 years and acts as catalogue of key government publications.

All companies need to continue to plan for a hard Brexit and ensure that they have appropriate strategies in place to manage the UK's departure from the European Union.

If your business operates within, is considering entering, or even expanding an existing footprint in either the UK or EU markets, this guide will help identify risk areas, any changes that need to be made, and the deadlines imposed for doing so.

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