Milena Falciano-Padron is well-experienced in commercial matters of all descriptions on a local, national and international basis, including sale, supply, agency, distribution, supply chain, services and consultancy agreements, partnerships, collaboration arrangements and alliances, franchising, concessions and outsourcing arrangements (logistics, facilities management, manufacturing, catering, etc), development agreements, IT agreements, data protection and procurement solutions.

Milena has worked in both the public and private sector and has worked as inhouse council for a number of organisations. This experience has provided Milena with a good understanding of the commercial practicalities that companies face and need to consider and she is able to find pragmatic solutions to both complex and non-complex issues that arise.

She also has a good understanding of both strategic and transactional support required and has practical experience of providing support and guidance to companies at all levels from Board to officer level.

Milena is known amongst her clients for her commercial approach, strong negotiation skills and understanding of business' needs.