"...one of the most high-powered and high-profile lobbying shops in the nation's capital"—The National Law Journal

Today's legal issues are contested not only in conventional legal arenas, but also before international tribunals, federal agencies and departments, on Capitol Hill and in the media. We provide our clients with the strategies they need to manage crises and create opportunities.

Successful advocacy before legislative and executive branch decision makers as well as independent federal agencies demands vast experience and insight. The Federal Law and Policy group has the focus, the experience and the drive to achieve our clients' goals. We use a cross-disciplinary approach in our engagements because the path to success frequently is not linear, but one that requires carefully coordinated efforts in different forums. And, as clients increasingly recognize, legislative and administrative advocacy is a skill that is quite distinct from defending an enforcement action or seeking to overturn a recently promulgated rule or regulation.

Many of the lawyers and other professionals in this group have held senior elected, appointed and staff positions in all branches of the federal government and in numerous state governments. Others have important experience in the corporate world.

  • Positioning issues for successful advocacy
  • Developing congressional and governmental champions
  • Managing congressional investigations
  • Writing and preparing witnesses to deliver congressional testimony
  • Drafting proposed legislation
  • Monitor legislation
  • Representing clients before regulatory agencies
  • Ensuring compliance with campaign finance, ethics and lobbying laws
  • Organizing and managing coalitions
  • Building grassroots support
  • Managing political and public relations crises
  • Managing internal corporate communications
  • Drafting op-eds, press releases and speeches
  • Developing state political outreach
  • Engaging foreign policymakers, governments and embassies
  • Advising on corporate governance and best practices

Global Leaders