Shee Boon is currently Director, International Tax based in London. In this role, he advises clients on international tax controversy involving EU law, bilateral tax treaty and withholding tax reclaims, as well as international tax planning in the post-BEPS environment. He is also the Head of Knowledge at DLA Piper's International Tax Group, where he is responsible for championing, promoting and representing the technical expertise of the International Tax Group to clients and the market generally in emerging issues such as EU Mandatory Disclosure Rules and digital tax topics.

Shee Boon brings with him over 20 years of tax advisory experience which has been accumulated from a unique blend public and private sectors (i.e. with the New Zealand tax authorities, the OECD in France and IBFD in the Netherlands). Prior to joining DLA Piper Shee Boon managed the training and research services that IBFD, an independent international tax research institute, provides to private sector and government clients. In this capacity he has provided advice on international tax policy and administration issues (including transfer pricing, tax treaties and financial instruments) to multinationals.

Shee Boon has extensive experience working with government tax officials in a large number of jurisdictions (such as India, China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, etc.). In his previous role at the OECD, he was responsible for the OECD's dialogue with Non-OECD Economies on international tax instruments such as the OECD Model Tax Convention and the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines. In this role, he worked with over 50 countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Commonwealth Independent States and the Baltic countries to assist in the analysis, implementation and application of OECD guidelines.