We seek to hire articled students who will continue with the firm as associates and ultimately become partners. With that goal in mind, we strive to provide to our students the best possible training and professional development programs. We want our articled students to develop the skills to enable them, at the completion of their articles, to commence practice as highly capable professionals providing the quality of service that our clients deserve and expect.

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Articling Program

Program Description

In our Calgary office, we typically hire at least two articled students each year.

Students spend half of their articling year on the solicitors’ side of our practice and the other half with our litigators. We introduce our articled students to as many practice areas as possible. In each area, senior practitioners offer guidance, advice and direction.

While with our solicitors, our articled students gain experience in a wide range of commercial transactions and corporate matters and have the opportunity to develop their drafting skills by documenting various transactions, including purchases and sales of businesses and of residential and commercial real estate.

While with our litigators, our articled students learn the art of oral and written advocacy and are introduced to strategic considerations relating to the litigation process. Students become involved in the gamut of the litigation process, from briefing the law, to drafting pleadings, to assisting in the conduct of questionings and trial. Our students also gain valuable experience by appearing in court on contested and non-contested motions and conducting trials in provincial court.


All of our firm’s administrative resources are available to our articled students as necessary.

Our firm law library is administered by a professional law librarian and experienced library assistants, who provide reference assistance to our students and lawyers across Canada. Online research is, of course, available and all of our students are trained in using and searching computer databases. All of our students and lawyers have access to Quicklaw and Westlaw.

Professional Development

The professional development of our students is a priority. Our national Director of Student Programs coordinates a series of weekly seminars for our articled students designed to provide instruction and guidance on other practice-related topics, such as conflicts of interest, the business of law, professional civility and courtesy, risk management and effective client communication.  We also discuss topics such as advocacy, solicitors’ opinions, trial preparation, commercial closings and drafting pleadings. Our students are also welcome and encouraged to attend other firmwide professional development seminars and presentations.

Evaluation and Feedback

We feel that providing effective, constructive feedback to our articled students is essential. We obtain formal evaluation feedback from the lawyers for whom our students have worked, and we share the relevant feedback with each student. We also encourage our lawyers to provide informal feedback to our students about their work product and performance.

Compensation and Benefits

Our articled students’ salaries and benefits are competitive with those of other major Calgary firms and are reviewed regularly. Each student’s salary is paid while attending the CPLED Course, and we also pay the course fee.

Hireback Ratios

The hireback ratio in our Calgary office has been strong. Most of our recent articled students have been offered, and have accepted, positions as associates with the firm.


We invite second year law students to apply for a 2019-2020 Articling Student position. Students wishing to apply for a position should include in the application package their cover letter, résumé, and undergraduate and current law school transcripts. Reference letters may also be included, however, it is not necessary to include writing samples.

Students should email their application package for consideration to [email protected], to the attention of Michael Styczen and Ryana Mather, Co-Chairs of the Student Committee.

Our application deadline is Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

We thank all applicants for their interest in our firm, however, we will be contacting only those selected for an interview. Interviews will be conducted the week of June 4, with any offer of hire being extended on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. MT.


Summer Program

We have completed our summer student reqruitment for 2018, and are not considering further applications at this time.

Current Students

Articled Students 2017 – 2018

Hayden Sawchuk, Calgary Hayden Sawchuk
University of Leicester
+1 (403) 698-8771
[email protected]

Toyin Ibigbami

Toyin Ibigbami
Bachelor of Laws Equivalency Examinations, National Committee on Accreditation
Federation of Law Societies of Canada
+1 (403) 698-8772
[email protected]


Summer Students 2018

Gillian Broadbent - University of Saskatchewan


Contact Us

If you have questions generally about our Calgary Student Program, please feel free to contact Michael Styczen (at 403.698.8703 or [email protected]) or Ryana Mather (at 403.294.3575 or [email protected]).