Driving for change: the potential for technology to contribute to sustainability

Globally, many companies, organizations and governments are driving change in sustainability – especially those in the technology sector.

Our 2020 European Technology Index reveals:

There is an increasing commitment to addressing environmental issues

Companies are self-imposing targets and taking measurable steps to improve. However, only 4% of companies think the tech industry is doing enough to address sustainability concerns.

Respondents have voiced an encouraging passion for change

61% of companies believe the industry should be investing more in energy-efficient technologies, 52% say there should be greater demand for supply chain accountability,

and 51% believe companies should be working to become fully carbon-neutral by 2030.

The potential to contribute to environmental issues outweighs the unintended negative impacts

Innovation in data generation and analytics, coupled with AI, advanced robotics and cloud computing, have opened the door to many positive outcomes for sustainability.

Note that we are coordinating our approach to support our clients on sustainability and environmental, social and governance-related issues across practice groups, sectors and locations through our leadership team and offering outlined here.