Beyond the Curve


The role of technology in transitioning back to the office

19 August 2020
Victoria Lee talks with Léo Murgel about ways technology can help streamline the return of the global workforce.

Allyship in a time of crisis

17 July 2020
Fenimore Fisher and Kenji Yoshino discuss what it means to be an effective ally in a time of racial, economic and social crisis in the most recent episode of our Beyond the Curve podcast series.

Digital health: Connecting patients and services in a COVID-19 world

13 July 2020
Kristi Kung, Danny Tobey and Ray Williams discuss how telehealth technologies have emerged as a powerful tool to connect patients with vital services while reducing in-person interactions that can spread the virus.

Lessons learned: Reopening of Asia in wake of COVID-19

23 June 2020
DLA Piper's Susheela Rivers and John Sullivan speak with Christina Gaw, Managing Principal & Head of Capital Markets at Gaw Capital.

A new reality: COVID-19's effect on the entertainment industry

8 June 2020
DLA Piper's Tom Ara, co-chair of the firm's Entertainment Finance and Transactions Practice, speaks with prominent Hollywood film and television producer David Broome.

Lessons in leadership: A conversation with General Mattis and Ambassador Burns

2 June 2020
DLA Piper's John Gilluly, global co-chair of the firm's Corporate practice, talks with General James Mattis and Ambassador Nick Burns about the COVID-19 pandemic, its implications for global economies and international cooperation and the importance of leadership during a global crisis.

Interview with Kate Maehr of the Greater Chicago Food Depository

27 May 2020
DLA Piper's Mariah DiGrino continues her conversation with Kate Maehr, director of the Greater Chicago Food Depository, about the pandemic's effect on the organization's daily operations.

Reopening the workplace

20 May 2020
DLA Piper's Ryan Vann and Rita Patel highlight near-term employment and compensation strategies for US employers to consider when bringing people back to work.

Restructuring in an uncertain environment

18 May 2020
DLA Piper's Thomas Califano, Richard Hans and Rachel Albanese discuss the challenges and opportunities businesses should be aware of as they navigate these shoal waters.

Giving back during a pandemic

12 May 2020
DLA Piper’s John Sullivan talks with Dean Shapiro of Oxford Properties about ways the company has served its communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, DLA Piper’s Mariah DiGrino talks with Kate Maehr, director of the Greater Chicago Food Depository about the pandemic’s effect on daily operations.