The speed and scale of the Coronavirus pandemic means that governments are having to act quickly. National policies can change daily, and emergency powers are being used to pass legislation.

Some of these changes will have an immediate impact on your business.

DLA Piper is using its all-sector knowledge, global presence, and political insight to provide clients with tailored monitoring services to help navigate and mitigate the impact of Coronavirus on their operations. Policy is rarely made in a vacuum. Close monitoring will indicate the direction of travel, and the likely timings of decisions, that each government, regulator, or international organisation will make in response to this pandemic. With that foresight comes a key commercial advantage – time. Time to prepare and to strategize in an environment where others will only be able to react.

The types of monitoring services DLA Piper is offering varies from monitoring all legal, regulatory and governmental developments in a number of countries, to sector-specific focus in a few. The service can be provided with a hotline for emergency queries. To give a couple of examples:

  1. We are monitoring all policy and legislative change in eight countries in which our client has a presence, with updates three times a week. In addition, in the same frequency we are providing deeper analysis of changes in the sector in which the client operates. We monitor and analyse the output of the sector-specific regulators and trade associations in each country. These updates are drafted in a format to feed directly into the client's internal reporting structures.
  2. We are providing a client with a daily update of Coronavirus-related legal, regulatory and governmental developments in each jurisdiction in which the client operates. This gives, in one place, an overview of the developments affecting its business and. In addition, we are setting up a rapid response team of subject matter specialist and hotlines to cover the client's queries in each jurisdiction, covering employment and HR policy, supply-chain constraints, contractual issues and enhanced service requirements.

If you would like to discuss how this service could benefit your business, please contact Richard Sterneberg in Brussels, Paul Hardy in London, Maher Ghanma for the Middle East and Africa or your usual DLA Piper contact.

Find out more about our monitoring service (PDF)