About Us

We had to take an approach to diversity and inclusion that was innovative and disruptive because it was unfathomable to stand by and be content with the status quo. For us, this is a moral and business imperative."

– Roger Meltzer, Global Co-Chair and Americas Co-Chair

“We desire a culture that doesn’t drive assimilation but that is inclusive of all, where people feel as though they belong as well as have the opportunity to grow their career.”

– Fenimore Fisher, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Our mission

At DLA Piper, our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) mission is to emerge as a leader through insight, innovation, diversity and inclusion. We put our people first as we work to deliver excellence in service to our clients.

We accomplish this by integrating our goals and concepts into the way in which the firm manages its people and business.

Our commitment

Our D&I efforts are initiated and led from the very top of the global firm by our senior management team.

Our drive to establish growth and create forward-looking opportunities is evidenced by the firm’s active D&I team, led by the firm’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Fenimore Fisher. Fenimore is charged with ushering our diversity and inclusion efforts into the next stage of the firm's evolution.

Who we are

 Fenimore Fisher    Image of Ray Williams
Fenimore Fisher
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
  Raymond M. Williams
National Diversity and Inclusion Partner
 Vujko    Alyssa Eskra
Natalie Vujko
Senior Manager Diversity and Inclusion
  Alyssa Eskra
Senior Diversity and Inclusion Analyst
 Amber Moreland    Tatiana Press
Amber Moreland
Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator
  Tatiana Hernandez Press
Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator
 Sandra Holtorf    
Sandra Holtorf
Administrative Assistant 

Our strategy

The firm’s strategy focuses on recruitment, retention, advancement and promotion of the best lawyers.

Our three strategic pillars are:

  • Workforce
    Objective: to build an inclusive and sustainable pipeline for succession in leadership and promotion.
  • Workplace
    Objective: to create an inclusive work environment that values differences and promotes respect, support and a sense of belonging to retain talent across all lawyer levels.
  • Marketplace
    Objective: to proactively engage clients in discussions around effective D&I strategies to support all communities and foster effective outreach to diverse suppliers.

These pillars provide a framework for the firm to best address all aspects of the following areas of focus:

  • Recruitment
    Increasing the representation of lawyers across all cultures, backgrounds and experiences
  • Engagement
    Creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all DLA Piper partners and employees
  • Advancement and Promotion
    Ensuring that opportunities for success and leadership are accessible to everyone
  • Pipeline Programs
    Supporting the education and development of future legal professionals from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences
  • Supplier Diversity
    As part of centralized procurement, we consistently track the firm's engagement with certified women-owned and minority-owned businesses. The goal is to diversify our supplier network and increase spend with these businesses over time. As we work toward identifying specific benchmarks, we strongly encourage our attorneys to consider and recommend women-owned and minority owned-businesses as opportunities arise. This initiative is important to us and reinforces our commitment to our clients, our communities and our people. For more information, please contact our Procurement Team.

Mansfield Rule Certification

In 2017, DLA Piper was one of the first signatories of the Mansfield Rule, a national initiative developed to increase diversity in promotions and hiring at law firms. To be certified under this rule, firms must make good on their commitment to source and consider a candidate pool comprising at least 30 percent women and minorities for leadership and governance roles, equity partner promotions and lateral positions.

Our efforts in this area were so successful that, in 2018, we not only sourced and considered the Mansfield-required 30 percent diverse applicant pool, we achieved actual representation of at least 30 percent women and minorities in a large number of our key leadership roles and lateral hires. As a result, we were one of just 27 firms to reach a level beyond certification, becoming “Certified Plus.”

In 2019, we again, achieved Certified Plus status and also became Mansfield 2.0 Certified, a rating which includes LGBTQ attorneys in the definition of diverse and also measures diversity in pitch teams. In addition, we have signed on to Mansfield 3.0, which incorporates disabled lawyers into the definition of diversity.