• Catalyst - global nonprofit helping employers build gender-balanced workplaces.
  • Circle In - providers of our international platform for working parents.
  • Executive Coaching Consultancy - providers of our parental transition coaching provision.
  • Out Leadership - the oldest and largest global LGBT+ business advisory, which partners with the world's most influential companies to build business opportunities, cultivate talent, and drive LGBT equality forward.


  • Legal Diversity and Inclusion Alliance (Belgium) - an alliance of law firms committed to eliminating discrimination in the workplace and promoting an inclusive organizational culture.
  • City Parents (UK) - network for working parents.
  • Working Families (UK) - work-life balance charity.
  • Carers UK - supporting organizations to support their people who have caring responsibilities.
  • Business Disability Forum (UK) - national employers network promoting disability inclusion in the workplace.
  • Stonewall (UK) - LGBT+ rights charity supporting individuals and organizations.
  • Pirical (UK) - legal HR analytics provider.

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