​Taking control of your legal career without compromising on quality of work.

We have an established pool of high-quality flexible lawyers comprised of alumni and friends of the firm who collectively support our agile service model in offering a breadth of talent to accommodate our clients' individual needs.

This offering allows us to scale up in response to peaks in demand and ensures consistent and outstanding client service, while underlining the firm's commitment to retaining talent through providing a flexible career path, suited to the changing needs in the life of a lawyer.

"The career path of lawyers is shifting to accommodate increasing expectations around achieving work/life balance," says Andrew Darwin, Managing Director, Developing Markets, at DLA Piper. "Law firms need to be able to meet such expectations in order to retain and motivate the best talent. The traditional law firm is no longer the only choice for lawyers."

To guarantee success, we partner with market leader Lawyers On Demand (LOD) to help us grow and manage this service. This partnership provides us with immediate access to their 400-plus high-caliber lawyers in the UK and over 200 in Australia.

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