TOKO is a digital asset creation engine that solves the inefficiencies of today's capital markets by using the best of distributed ledger technology.

Empowering value creation for both asset owners and investors, TOKO offers a new way to raise funds by creating a digital representation of real-world, high-value assets such as artwork, intellectual property and debt.

TOKO is an enterprise-grade tokenisation platform that complements DLA Piper's core legal services and helps clients navigate the complexity of regulated securities. It combines the firm's compliance and regulatory rigor with the innovative technology solutions of tomorrow.

Tokenisation gives clients creative financing solutions that drive liquidity and new market participation. Tokenisation also allows for fractional ownership, giving access to investors who previously were unable to participate in the capital raise process.

TOKO: Cheaper, faster, easier

TOKO empowers value creation by:

  • Enabling asset owners to create uniquely structured tokenised offerings.
  • Providing clients with access to a wider group of investors.
  • Improving asset liquidity and allowing faster exit opportunities.
  • Reducing transaction costs and settlement times.
  • Eliminating fraud and enhancing auditing capabilities via distributed ledger technology.

Today's market challenges

Today's capital raise process is inefficient. In a traditional value chain, the issuance of securities is limited to conventional asset classes and involves going through multiple qualifying entities to meet regulatory compliance. And securities distribution is often limited to a handful of clients authorized to trade only when matched with other participants during market hours. Transactions like this can easily take multiple business days to settle, and require manual execution of corporate actions such as dividend payments and voting.

The TOKO solution

  • An end-to-end security token lifecycle management solution, from primary issuance and secondary market trading through to asset servicing, that provides a one-stop shop solution for clients.
  • An integrated legal and technology solution that combines DLA Piper's legal and deal structuring knowhow with a compliant enterprise-grade tokenisation platform to help navigate the complexity of regulated securities.
  • An ecosystem of best-in-class digital capital markets infrastructure partners that gives clients secure and confident access to service providers in key jurisdictions around the world.

Awards and accolades

For our work on TOKO, we've been recognized as an industry leader in the fintech and tokenisation space.