TOKO supports a wide variety of asset classes including:


TOKO in action

TOKO and DLA Piper have advised clients on legal structuring models for digital asset offerings and tokenization advisory:

  • Structuring a USD20 million token offering for a real estate developer to finance a Hong Kong hotel renovation.
  • Structuring a token offering for a real estate developer to finance land development in Lombok, Indonesia.
  • Tokenizing an existing corporate bond for a Thai property developer to facilitate the acquisition of a London real estate portfolio.
  • Structuring replacement financing into a closed-ended Singaporean fund via a digital security token; a multiple token model was developed to unpack underlying fund assets.
  • Tokenizing closing documentation for a US-based environmental and demolition services company after completion of a transaction.
  • Developing a tokenized model of financing patent royalty streams.
  • Structuring a token offering for a blockchain-based decentralized data marketplace that facilitates the secure and anonymous sale of validated private information.

TOKO in the Press

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