Sherman Antitrust Act versus Affordable Care Act: FTC's successful merger challenge in the matter of St. Luke’s Hospital of Idaho

29 APR 2014
2:00 PM - 3:15 PM (UTC-05:00)


In a widely reported decision, the FTC has successfully challenged the merger between St. Luke’s Hospital of Idaho and Salzer Medical Group, resulting in a federal court ruling that the merger would violate US antitrust law. DLA Piper is pleased to present a webinar discussing the ramifications of this significant case.

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  • Overview of the intersection between the Affordable Care Act and the Sherman Antitrust Act
  • Summary of the St. Luke’s matter, including the district court’s rulings on market power, cost efficiencies and reimbursement rates
  • Cost efficiencies and related risks under the ACA that were at issue
  • What next? Antitrust and health care takeaways

Carl Hittinger, Co-Chair, US Antitrust and Trade Regulation Group

Steve Goff, Co-Chair, Health Care Sector