Are your innovation and M&A efforts connected?

14 MAY 2014
12:00 AM

We are pleased to offer the recording from our complimentary May 14 webinar, co-sponsored by DLA Piper and CVI2 – the Corporate Venture and Innovation Initiative – about the ways great innovators achieve superior results by effectively integrating their organization’s innovation and M&A activities.

In many companies, strategies for innovation, M&A, and strategic investing are not integrated. Typically, M&A is an afterthought to innovation and happens when leaders discover they don’t have the capabilities they need to execute the new businesses they’ve developed. Or smaller, more transformational M&A opportunities may be independently uncovered through forward-looking prospecting relationships and networks.

In this one-hour webinar aimed at C-suite executives responsible for growth through innovation, corporate venturing and M&A, Geoff Tuff and Mike Armstrong discussed how strategic planning and organizational structures that foster collaboration between these functions help organizations win in the marketplace.

Geoff and Mike shared proprietary research, insights and examples of companies who have experienced the beneficial ratcheting effect of coordinating innovation and M&A. They reviewed principles and actionable tools and strategies for approaching innovation in a disciplined way, as well as the organizational and talent considerations to integrate innovation and M&A activities.

The webinar was introduced by Mark Radcliffe and Liz Arrington, who discussed why this topic is so critical for corporate venturing and innovation executives.

Mark Radcliffe, Partner and Chair, Corporate Venture Capital Practice – DLA Piper
Liz Arrington, Partner – Bell Mason Group

Mike Armstrong, Director, Monitor Deloitte – Deloitte Consulting LLP
Geoff Tuff, Principal, Doblin – Deloitte Consulting LLP

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DLA Piper Corporate Venture & Innovation Initiative