COVID-19: The Age of Viral Outbreaks – Impact on Outsourced Functions and Relationships

30 March 2020
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM BST

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As COVID-19 continues its rampage around the world, our focus switches to its impact upon particular sectors and aspects of business, and in this case to how it is challenging the outsourcing market.

This webinar looks at the types of challenges that we have seen posed to outsourcing engagements, their legal and contractual footings, the perspectives of both buyers and service providers, and practical and pragmatic guidance as to next steps.

In the webinar, we:

  • Provide current examples of the issues being phased by providers and consumers of outsourced services;
  • explain the applicable legal doctrines such as frustration, impossibility, “hardship” and force majeure;
  • review a variety of legal (and practical) issues that may arise (for outsourcing contracts in particular, and considering the kinds of terms usually found in such deals);and
  • consider both suppliers and customer perspectives, both in terms of current impacts and looking to the future.

The webinar is presented by an international panel of speakers from major locations around the world, all of which are experiencing different levels of impact from COVID-19.