Dodd-Frank Act: regulators to take center stage in wake of sweeping financial services legislation

Financial Services Alert

Our team has assembled a convenient overview of the massive Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

The Act provides expansive authority for regulators to define the critical details to implement the legislation. The rules and definitions ultimately promulgated by the regulators will have a significant impact on the operations – and profitability – of those businesses affected by the legislation, including many businesses well beyond the financial services community.

Timing is of the essence.  There are deadlines for these implementing rulemakings.

We have organized the overview so that you can quickly locate areas of particular interest and understand the approaching deadlines.

Each section of this overview corresponds to one of the Act’s Titles, summarizing the Title in bullet form and setting out a clear chart outlining the required rulemakings, including pertinent deadlines. 

You may want to review the materials in their entirety, or review only sections that you think are most relevant by clicking the individual links.

Download the complete Alert in PDF format, including all chapters, here:

Dodd-Frank Act: Regulators to take center stage in wake of sweeping financial services legislation 

Or, you may click on each Title below to review that particular chapter.


Title I - Financial Stability

Title II - Orderly Liquidation Authority

Title III - Transfer of Powers to the OCC, the FDIC and the Federal Reserve; Termination of OTS

Title IV - Regulation of Advisors to Hedge Funds and Others

Title V – Insurance

Title VI - Improvements to Regulation of Bank Holding Companies and Depository Institutions

Title VII - Wall Street Transparency and Accountability (Derivatives)

Title VIII - Payment, Clearing and Settlement Supervision

Title IX - Subtitle A, Investor Protections

Title IX - Subtitle B, Increasing Regulatory Enforcement and Remedies

Title IX - Subtitle C, Credit Rating Agencies

Title IX - Subtitle D, Asset-Backed Securitization Reforms

Title IX - Subtitle E, Accountability and Executive Compensation

Title IX - Subtitles F-J, Miscellaneous Agency and Other Improvements

Title X - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Title XI - Federal Reserve System and Emergency Assistance Amendments

Title XII - Improving Access to Mainstream Financial Institutions

Title XIII - Pay It Back Act

Title XIV - Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending

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