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Health Systems Alert Series

Health Systems Alert

Treat the health of your entire healthcare system. DLA Piper’s lawyers provide guidance to help you tend to your system’s wellness throughout the business life cycle.



The FTC is asserting that state-level antitrust immunities, like CON and COPA laws, are anticompetitive. See our 7 points for health systems on the implications of these enforcement activities.





Repudiating decades of precedent, a federal appeals court lowers the bar for whistleblower charges in False Claims Act cases. Are your internal reporting systems in order?





CMS is introducing reforms to bring federal healthcare payments under control. In the process, healthcare delivery will be transformed, and winners and losers will emerge. What to know about this coming change.





For health systems, 3 key implications of MACRA’s Medicare program integrity provisions.





FDA offers draft guidance about its regulation of health IT and mobile medical apps – key points for wellness innovators.





Free and charitable medical clinics are an important safety net for many millions of under-and uninsured Americans. The Legal and Operational Guide for Free Medical Clinics, written with participation from DLA Piper, aims to assist community and healthcare leaders seeking to found such a facility.





Almost every state has corporate practice of dentistry prohibitions. For companies providing management services to medical and dental professionals, here are 8 key takeaways in the wake of a New York State settlement.





A federal court sides with the US government over ACA’s 60-day rule regarding overpayment and False Claims Act liability. For diligent healthcare providers, the decision is not necessarily a defeat.





The Texas Medical Board is enjoined from enforcing a rule restricting the practice of telemedicine, pending resolution of an antitrust lawsuit.