Delaware corporate law and litigation: what happened in 2015 and what it means for you in 2016

Corporate Update

Litigation Update


Delaware has long been known as the corporate capital of the world, and it is now the state of incorporation for 66 percent of the Fortune 500 and more than half of all companies whose securities trade on the NYSE, Nasdaq and other exchanges. Each year, the Delaware courts issue a number of significant opinions having tremendous importance to businesses, those who manage them and those who counsel them.

Many of those recent cases are discussed in this Annual Update, which is intended to provide sufficient detail so as to be helpful to in-house counsel, but is also written in a way so that the often-long and complex Delaware decisions can be easily understood by directors and other fiduciaries. Takeaway observations are also provided. This Annual Update may help you focus on the right issues, ask the right questions and, along the way, protect yourself and your company.

Below, please download our overview of the top Delaware decisions of 2015 and what they mean for your business in 2016.

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