TechLaw Podcast: The Future of Fintech (Part 2)

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Our two-part Future of FinTech podcast series looks at the challenges, opportunities and risks within this burgeoning sector. Part two focuses on the opportunities, challenges and risks brought on by digital transformation.

The host, Anthony Day, has extensive experience with advising large corporate financial institutions on complex technology transformation projects globally. Anthony is joined by Georgia Hanias, Head of Global Communications and Diversity Programmes at Innovate Finance, and Sameer Gulati, a Policy Advisor at Innovate Finance. Georgia brings a wealth of experience running a series of initiatives focusing on diversity and the women leaders who make up the FinTech community. Sameer brings experience from working with Innovative Finance members and strategic partners by providing political, public policy and regulatory guidance.

Part two features discussions of the participants around two key areas:

  • Opportunities brought about by digital transformation
    Digital transformation offers the financial services sector significant opportunities for growth and value creation. Participants provide insight on the ways financial institutions are re-designing their business models in order to engage and retain customers for today’s continually evolving digital world.
  • The challenges and risks arising from digital transformation
    Digital transformation comes with its own set of challenges and risks: for financial services organizations operating across multiple jurisdictions, compliance is often costly and challenging. This discussion includes talk around the short and long term legal and regulatory challenges.

Missed part one of the Future of FinTech? Part one discusses access to a diverse workforce as well as the role regulation and policy plays in the growth of FinTech. Look out for further podcasts from us in the TechLaw series, as we explore the influence of emerging technologies in business and wider society.

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